My maternal grandpa worked as a cartographer for the Survey of India and collected hundreds of stamps from all over the world while he journeyed through uncharted territories. Most of them were cataloged in various sketchbooks, which make this particular family heirloom even more dear to me. I am proud to come from a family of hoarders who understand the value of art and history and continue to preserve what matters to them.
I periodically look through the collection and research the ones that stick out to me, which has lead me to learn about and rediscover the history of India/other countries. After noting how worthwhile this process is, I decided to create a zine encompassing stamps from various regions to encourage others to examine pieces of history from their own culture. I will also include detailed information about select stamps from India and the narrative behind them.
~work in progress~
This stamp about Goanese fashion in the 19th century lead me to find this photograph of a young serving maid in Goa from 1880
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